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Elevate your training experience with the RDX Aura Plus T-17 Focus Pad. It features a durable Maya Hide™ L'orme Skin leather striking surface that ensures longevity. The 'IMF' technology moulded foam padding absorbs impacts effectively, while Sponge X Padding on the sides provides additional protection. Designed for training hooks, crosses and jabs, it offers an ergonomic and secure fit, enhancing your striking performance. If you coach or practise martial artists, boxers, and other combat sports enthusiasts, use this focus pad to improve your striking, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes.


  • Durable striking surface crafted with Maya Hide™ L'orme Skin leather
  • Highly absorbent 'IMF' technology moulded foam padding
  • Added protection with Sponge X Padding on the sides
  • Palm dome grip ball to hold the pad securely in place 
  • Designed to improve striking precision
  • Ergonomic and secure fit for enhanced performance
  • Versatile design to cater to various strike training needs
  • Measurements: L=25.5cm, W=21cm, T=5cm

RDX Aura+ Focus Pads

£38.99 Regular Price
£34.99Sale Price
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