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Hi There,

Thank you!

Your booking for your child's first lesson is confirmed, we're really looking forward to meeting you! 

Below you'll find instructions for what to do on the day, as well as some information on our school, and our instructors.

If you have any questions, all of my contact details are at the bottom.

Speak soon.

Ben England

Head Instructor

Where to find us

Our full address is:

Apex Martial Arts Academy

Unit 1-2, 31 The Leys


WR11 3AP

Our main entrance is on Shor Street. 

We have two car parks very close, both circled on the map. 

On street parking is available, but please be considerate of the residents who live in the area.

On the day

When you arrive, come through the main entrance on Shor Street, and turn right before the stairs, where you'll see our downstairs gym and reception area. 

Here you'll be greeted by and instructor (introduced below), and we'll explain how the afternoon will go. After that we'll take your child through a ten minute one to one class where we'll teach them the basics before joining in a class. 


Into Class

Once you and your child feel comfortable, we'll move to the upstairs dojang (Korean for training room), where they'll join in with a class full of their peers.


You'll be able to stay and watch the whole time from the viewing gallery. 

Your Instructors

One of these friendly faces will be greeting you on your trial day. They'll welcome you through the door, take you through your one to one class, and answer any questions you may have.



What happens after? How do I join? How much? How do I book the next class? When are the rest of the classes? Any special offers?

Don't worry! We'll answer all of these questions on the day, and you'll have the opportunity to ask anything else!


Unit 1-2, 31 The Leys

WR11 3AP


07479 276075



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