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Adults Who Study Martial Arts Reap Significant Benefits

Studying martial arts is something that anybody – at any age or fitness level – can do. Martial arts classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults. Whether you want to defend yourself, lose weight, or just have fun, our adult martial arts classes have something to offer.


We know how busy life can be - it's easy to forget how important your mental and physical health is, which is why Apex Martial Arts is here to help. Whether you’re interested in physical fitness, self-defence, or even an athletic social outlet, our school maintains a safe and positive environment for you to achieve your goals. Apex Martial Arts Taekwon-do curriculum provides a great way for adults to stay in shape. It won’t become dull or routine because as soon as you get better and continue learning, there are always more challenges ahead to keep you inspired and coming back for more!


Apex Martial Arts Academy teaches traditional martial arts in a modern fitness environment. The students in our programs experience a number of life-changing physical and mental benefits.

You will find yourself more focused and competitive in both your business life and personal life. You will perform better, feel better, and overall, be better. All you have to do is get started to start seeing the benefits! Stop doing the same mindless exercises at the gym and start working out with a purpose.

What is Taekwon-do?

In Korean, Tae means “to strike or break with foot”, kwon means “to strike or break with fist” and do means “way”, “method”, or “path”. Therefore Taekwon-do may be loosely translated as “the way of the hand and the foot.

Primarily known for its exciting kicking style, Taekwon-do is a dynamic striking art, with all the hallmarks of a traditional oriental art including Patterns, Linework, Sparring and self defence.

Our Facility

We're incredibly proud of our 4000sqft Martial Arts Academy, the largest school in Worcestershire!

Upstairs Dojang

Our primary area, used for our children's classes, and all Taekwon-do classes.

Downstairs Studio

Used for Boxing, Kickboxing, and competition team training. Fully equipped Sonos sound system!

Free Weights Gym

Perfect for building muscle and strength. Seperate memberships available on request.

Adult Taekwon-do

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